directed by

Shredy Jabarin


Workshop 1 - Art of Performance

In this workshop we learn the ways of the performer/actor to:

• Improvisation/Contact

• Presence and Focus

• Body Voice Mind Connection

• Performance Structure

14 hours (2 days of 7 hours each, including 3 breaks).



Workshop 2 - Dramatic Codes

In this workshop we learn and practice the most important dramatic elements that actors have to master, focusing on the human interaction, including

• Improvisation and structure,

• Emotional and Sensual State,

• Mastering Relationships,

• Character Design.

14 hours (2 days of 7 hours each, including 3 breaks).



Workshop 3 - Text Techniques

we learn in this workshop the relevant Text techniques that we need to give life to a script or a theater play, using all the techniques that actors learn in the previous two courses.

14 hours (2 days of 7 hours each, including 3 breaks).



Workshop 4 - Text Techniques Advanced

We continue and explore more of the theme of workshop 3.

14 hours (2 days of 7 hours each, including 3 breaks).



Film Acting Workshop

Acting in a Short Film within a workshop of 5 meetings on weekends, between 20 - 40 hours (considering sizes of the parts and the number of participants).

The workshop is recommended to actors who don't have much experience working on films and for acting students from all levels. The dates will include the workshop, rehearsals and filming.

The workshop is limited to max 12 people and held in the English language, but the scene can be filmed in other languages.

This film gives the actors the chance to learn and experience professional work on a film set, watch the results of their performance on screen, have the chance to collect material from the CV and show agencies.

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What actors say about the teacher/director

"Shredy Jabarin accompanies the actor on his trip to the core of a figure. Unyieldingly, uncompromisingly and sensitively deep to the origin. Always in search of high quality, authenticity and the essence... The essence of the being." Clelia Sarto, Germany.

"Working with Shredy really helped me to find my way into the characters life and to get the part at the end. It is inspiring to work with him. He gave me a lot of new impulses for my work and the and the faith to believe in myself." Janina Elkin, Russia.

Shredy really takes the time to reach a deep understanding of what you're looking for in your taking part to his classes. Not only it has helped me to become more honest with myself, it also allowed me to be much more observant of my surroundings. All of that in a very supportive and constructive atmosphere. Furthermore is it a very fun experience and Shredy knows how to build a real team spirit." Alissa Tirler, France.



Currently we are forcusing more on private coaching.

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