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Shredy Jabarin

Private Coaching

It's normal that actors face challenges handling the performance at the working environment, in front of audience, on stage, in casting/auditions, on screen, that they may need direction.

Performance in public can be sometimes very confusing for those who

We have the relevant knowledge about professional performing tools and techniques that help every performer from any background - acting, singing, dancing... to maximise the potential of the performance.  

Preparing for castings and auditions

To many actors castings and auditions are a puzzle that is difficult to solve. For me it's only a technical issue that can be systematically simplified and solved.

As an actor who studied the technique and passed tens of auditions and played in tens for film and theater productions and as a director who created theater and films and made auditions for actors, I'm glad to have the relevant knowledge and experience that gave me the ability to help many actors to pass auditions for main parts in films, TV, theater and for acting schools, international and local.

If your planing to join and acting school or to join a professional film, tv or theater production, I invite you to allow me guide you through this process.

Text can be in English, German or French.

Prices (per individual, not including shooting online casting)

• 50€ per hour for actors preparing for professional productions parts.

Actor & Performers Coaching

Artists face many unpleasant experiences during their careers. There are  many stories about actors drop out of the profession, because of unpleasant experiences, not being able to find the way in this aggressive market, facing personal or professional challenges with colleagues and partners, following non professional guidance...

There are many reasons why actors face confusion and lack of orientation. Each actor has his own reasons. And many times, the actor is not even aware of those reasons and how to change the situation. But the good news are, that each actor can, with the healthy relevant guidance, achieve everything he dreams of. All it requires is the healthy guidance that comes from real actors who studied acting and art professionally and worked as actors, that they're considered actors by the international professional film and theatre scene.

Lack of knowledge and guidance is one of the main reasons of most professional and personal disorientation. And it normally comes from acting teachers who didn't study acting professionally nor worked in the professional film and theatre industry.

If you're an actor who's not able to live from your art, you don't know why so and how to change it,

If you're a new actor, who just finished acting education and feel overwhelmed and confused about how to start and from where to begin,

If you're an actor thinking of leaving your passion behind, because you don't see how you can achieve what you want,

If you're an actor who had unpleasant experiences working with directors, producers and colleagues and you don't want that to influence your future experiences, I'm here to help with that.

You maybe very close to your dream. Don't let the noisy amateur art scene, its marketing and it's toxic guidance frustrate you and make you give away your passion. Contact me now to help you make it!

"Shredy Jabarin accompanies the actor on his trip to the core of a figure. Unyieldingly, uncompromisingly and sensitively deep to the origin. Always in search of high quality, authenticity and the essence... The essence of the being." Clelia Sarto - Actress

"I would probably not be where I am now if I hadn't found the acting coaching of Shredy Jabarin and made it through all the process of the classes.

I probably wouldn't even had made the audition for my acting school.

I've found Shredy’s coaching and classes while hanging on Facebook. I'd just quit university after just 2 semester , I was lost and wandering what to do with myself.  

I wanted to do acting since I'm a kid but I gave up the idea cause it seemed unrealistic and "unreasonable " -"you should get a real job" -was I told by society.

But at this point where I had nothing planned and where I was trying to find out who I was ,the idea came back . But I had really low money so it seem unrealistic to find an acting class and I was not ready to audition.  

So I was hanging one Facebook and this announce "came to me": performance coaching and acting classes.

It looked great and serious and for pretty little money compared to what you could find here.

I took my courage" in both hands" , send a email and almost directly became an answer with more information and few days later Shredy called me. I was nervous, he told me the class was to take seriously because it was a professional work and needed a lot of investment, he told me it would be full of challenge for myself.

I was first a bit scared but this was the words I needed to hear. Yes ,a challenge is what I needed!

I was really impressed how professional it all was. You can find so many pseudo ,unprofessional  "acting classes" here in Berlin. I was excited.

And then started the adventure.

And yes it was full of challenges ,but Shredy was ready to support us in our development and always explained everything  really clearly ,making sure everybody understood.

He made me believe again in my dream and in myself. Shredy supported me a lot,believed in me and told me I could make it.

Sometimes I was standing in front of a wall that my body or my mind builded because they were scared of the changes. He helped us to break those but also to learn our limits and controls not to hurt ourselves. It's all a process.

At the end I felt really good and ready to make a step forward.

Shredy really teaches the roots and technique of Acting and not inventing or copying something. And this is helping me a lot.

I probably could write more pages."

Vie Moser. Actress