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Vocal coaching

Right before you start to sing, your vocal chords reflect the inner readiness by its very subtle, natural resonance. When we do not interfere, the vocal resonance unfolds naturally and freely. A fully balanced state of tension and relaxation leads to a good and healthy voice technique. But every voice technique to serve the expression of content in an authentic way. Therefore we must stay connected to our intention and artistic purpose. Vocal Coaching can support everyone who speaks and sings, beginners as well as professionals, to develop greater flexibility for their voice, to find maximum freedom within their given structure – be it a song or a text. Learn how to enrich its sound spectrum and experience vocal sound as a powerful, fluid entity to sing effortless. Maria GoJa helps you to build a sustainable, resonant vocal sound and supported breathing for everyday life or stage, by focusing on a healthy physiological use.

If you struggle with specific vocal problems like hoarseness, compensatory habits of over pressing, wrong breathing techniques etc. Vocal Coaching will include Voice Recovery.

All individual, private lessons are held for 60 min within a flexible price system.

Regular Price 

Single lesson: 60€

Pack of 10 lessons: 500€

3-month Pack (1 hour per week): 180€ monthly

Students Price

Pack of 10 lessons (1 hour per week): 400€