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Voice Training - Method

Since over ten years Maria works with methods that link process-orientated vocal pedagogy, body work, breath work, voice recovery skills to regenerate the voice across its entire frequency range, artistic speech training and authentic presentation. In particular functional voice training and her own methods "Center Gravity" and “Balanced Control”.

Functional Voice Training

Linked to the very beginnings of classical voice training, functional voice training underwent a long development process throughout the history of vocal methods. Since modern technique allows a more differentiated access to all physiological aspects of our complex and fascinating vocal system, functional voice training builds the foundation for several well-known methods. It is popular for its clarity and flexibility. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the vocal mechanism, the tonal qualities it induces and the ability to truly listen and sense, many teachers rely on an one-concepts-fits-all-students approach only.

Finding an individual access to the full vocal potential, in harmony with the natural, physiological requirements is very important. The ability of the teacher to catch up compensations that stand between the student and his free voice is as essential as the specific knowledge about basic principles of the vocal physiology and its interaction with mental and psychological processes while singing. This method absolutely favors the singers own, natural voice for an authentic vocal performance over an artificial vocal expression by imitation.

Balance Your Control

When we sing, we use a complex functional system involving the whole body and mind process. This system works highly intelligent and naturally perfect balanced, as long as we do not control, interfere and manipulate its elements. Every physiological and intentional act in the process of singing has its specific task. When the system gets out of balance means simply, that some functions tend to take over the activity of others, that they are not meant to, while other highly demanded functions experience a lack of activity, development and training. Here we speak of unconscious compensation.

Maria GoJa's method „Balance Your Control“ focusses on those elements in the individual system that need more activity and those that need a release. In order to find a balanced tonus state of tension and relaxation in the whole body while singing, it is important to answer the question why we compensate and how. This demands going far beyond the physical function and understand the connection to the mental processes as well. Balanced tension is the full intentional willingness, an enthusiastic, positive excitement and awareness. Balanced relaxation is acceptance, the letting go of compensations, of fear and overall the full dedication to the artistic expression.

Center Gravity / Fluid Power / Vocal Freedom

This method is based on the insights of "body's center gravity shifting." It’s origins can be found in the old system of North indian singers that integrated deep yoga practice (f.e. breathing techniques, using the shifting of the body’s center gravity, balancing tension and release) into their singing. Maria GoJa integrated this method into modern western singing techniques in order to help singers to develop greater flexibility and freedom of their voices, using the voice effortless, learning to enrich their unique sound spectrum through over- and undertones and experience sound as a powerful, fluid entity.

The method works for singers of all popular genres that want to explore more and for beginners who want to unfold their vocal sound in a unique way. According to the students individual process and demands, specific exercises are integrated into general singing lessons, vocal coaching and vocal recovery.

Maria GoJa

Composer, Singer, Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher

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