directed by

Shredy Jabarin


Our network is available for artists who studied their fields professionally, on high levels of mastery and experience and have already achieved significant success in their fields.

Freelance can be a challenging lifestyle. It’s not as financially safe as an employee’s. On the other hand, in freelance lifestyle there’s a lot of creativity and freedom that people with employee mindset may have difficulties to understand. Yet, in all this freedom, the challenges that freelancers face may be: finding clients, finding partners, network, organising, guidance…  

Berlin can also be a challenge for creative freelancers, because of the financial system that makes it very comfortable to get paid without working. That allows some people to depreciate work, and it allows some others to talk about projects and visions without backing it up with the motivation and the commitment that are crucial to achieve success. This makes it difficult to know who we can really rely on and collaborate with, because many potential partners are not fully committed or genuinely engaged in the mutual plan.

Many freelancers who have a vision to succeed and to grow financially, socially and mentally, reach this point where they understand that they can’t achieve a fulfilling success, while living from the Job Centre, from parents or by building castles in the air on crowdfunding or on angel investors. In this level we understand that the only way to achieve our success is through a network that is built on full loyalty and commitment of the members to the group and of the group to its members. One for all and all for one.

If this resonates with you,

If you are professional in your field, a freelance with experience running you art business with actual clients,

If you have characteristics of leadership, creativity, loyalty and commitment,

you'll be very welcome and needed in our Network.

To join our network, please fill the application and we'll be looking forwards to contact you, meet you in person, explain more and share our knowledge and resources with each other to support everybody in the group.

There would be only my representative from each profession.

After being confirmed we'll be meeting once a week:

In the meetings, we'll be planing, organising and discussing ways to collaborate and work together in ways that can benefit all members of the unit.

The network sessions are led by the Director Shredy Jabarin.