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Maria GoJa - Composer, Singer, Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher

with more than 15 years of experience as a voice teacher and performer. While graduating from University with a Magister Artium for Music ethnology in 2007, she was researching about singing techniques in different cultures and worked in phoniatry as analyst for vocal sound. She is certified by Landesmusikakademie Berlin as pedagogic trainer for music groups, bands and coaches choirs.

Inspired by her studies, further training in bodywork (Alexander Technique, Afro Dance and Tango), further vocal training (functional voice training, Linklater, artistic speech training etc), breath work, acting (Stanislavski) and process oriented work, she developed her teaching methods „Balance your control“ and „Centre Gravity Shifting.“

Unique for her method is a special emphasis on voice recovery, breathing techniques, functional voice training and process oriented, artistic vocal coaching. Her in depth knowledge of physiological and functional aspects of voice productions allows her to combine a systematic approach with an integral, holistic, process-oriented and artistic one. She offers her work to singers of all genres, for actors, speakers and business teams.

Since many years she performs as a vocalist (Pop, Jazz, Musical, Chanson and Classic) for projects like Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine, Berliner Solistenchor, Hans-Jörn Brandenburg, Gemma Ray, Beatrix Becker and Once I had a Pony. GoJa writes her own Songs and composes Soundtracks for Theatre productions and Films.


since 2014 Solo Singer for classical concerts

since 2013 Maria GoJa Solo Project

since 2013 Background Singer for Gemma Ray

since 2012 Solo Singer for Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine - Hans-Jörn Brandenburg, Thomas Wydler, Philipp Kullen, Andreas Henze o.a.

2011 Vocal Trio Seven Seasons Acapella Soul

2010 Electro-Acoustical Experimental Pop-Duo Once I had a Pony

2003-2007 Singer for Berliner Solistenchor

Since 2001 Chanson Solo Project in Switzerland, Germany and San Francisco for Leucorea Stiftung, Guardini Stiftung, Teltower Kreis, Haus Wäckerling, Teatro Köln, Pacific Institut and many others

Performed on stages like Berliner Ensemble, Konzerthaus, Nikolaisaal Potsdam, B-Flat, Imperial/Admiralspalast, Columbia-Club, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Songtage Magdeburg, Kaffee Burger, Die Wabe, Artenschutztheater, Schokoladen Mitte, Kaffee Burger, Die Glocke, Teatro Köln, Stramu Würzburg and many others


2016 Uncertainty - Music Video

2016 So What?! - Music video

2015 Waiting for Giddo - short

2015 Disconnections - short

2014 Crying Dogs - Music video

2014 I Am That - short

2014 MissFire - Album Release

2013 Kali - Music video

2013 Sometimes at Night - Album Release

2013 Sometimes at Night - Theatermusic

2012 MissFire - Theatermusic


2015 So What - music video

2014 Disconnections - short

2013 Kali - music video

2013 Sometimes at Night - Theaterproduction

2010 Drei - Movie (Tom Tykwer)

1998 Theater Company The Wild Bunch, various Theaterfestivals

Facebook: @MariaGoJaBerlin

Twitter: @MariaGoJa

Instagram: @MariaGoJa