directed by

Shredy Jabarin

I am that

I am That. I see my reflection in everything. Physical reality is the manifestation of my inner world. I am everything and everything is me. I’m the actor and the viewers,  the writer and the reader, the teacher and the student.

I’m that is an art piece, that shows a point of view on us experiencing reality, a unique perspective of seeing ourselves in everyone and everything."I am that” a short film that examines the relationship between our inner world and the outer one, between art and life, between the maker and the observer, between the mind and the now.

The story is about the mind journey through the present. In this journey the main character sees a truth that shocks all his believes about the familiar construction of reality, at first his truth triggers fear and anxiety, so he tries to run away of it, but then he finds the salvation in the fear and in the anxiety. That what happens when an actor goes one stage. At first there is the fear of public, but the moment the actor lives this fear, that would be his opportunity of creation. I am That, a short film, written, directed and produced by SJ

Film in English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Arabic


Alberto De la Cruz, Valentine Capian, Runa Taksdal, Anna Lazarescu, Federica Marchese, Maria GoJa, Joanna Ryan-Purcell, Evgenia Lichtner, Elia Cittadini, Maxi-Sophie Labes, Johan Payan, Cyrielle Taveau, Claire Chaygneaud Dupuy

Voice Over

SJ English

Valentine Capian French

Maria GoJa German

Federica Marchese Italian

Alberto De la Cruz Spanish

Anna Lazarescu Romanian

SJ  Arabic

Federica Marchese Polish

Music written and produced by Maria GoJa

Written, Directed and Produced by