directed by

Shredy Jabarin

Behind The Sun

Lyrics written by Shredy Jabarin

Music written, produced and performed by Maria GoJa

Music Video written, directed and produced by Shredy Jabarin

Copyrights © 2017 Maria GoJa & Shredy Jabarin. All rights reserved.


A music video:

Lyrics, music and vocals: Maria GoJa

Cello: Noah Hoffeld

Music Video: written, directed and

filmed by Shredy Jabarin

Crew: Anna Lazarescu, Mem Akman

Photography: Shredy Jabarin

All other credits are in the video and

on the page.

So what!?

is what we, free independent artists have to say about the actual political events, the behavior of the political and financial system, the blinding social trends and media deception, that lead our society to corruption, to weakening democracy, intimidating freedom of speech and compromising human rights, justified by illogical excuses, manifested by wars, disrespecting minorities and rejecting war refugees and immigrants for their ethnic or religious background.

Cast: Mem Akman, Tania Davila, Laura Stefanescu, Matjaz Juren, Mai Harper, Chris Morrin, Maria GoJa.

Lyrics: SJ

Music and Vocals: Maria GoJa


Italian: Michele Scaccaglia

Spanish: Tania Davila

Romanian: Laura Stefanescu

German: Maria GoJa

English, French, Arabic: SJ

Written, Directed, Produced by

© SJ

Crying Dogs

Human history is written by winners of the wars. By those who killed more. What is war? What do we need? What do we want

Cast: Maria GoJa

Lyrics: SJ

Music and Vocals: Maria GoJa

Written, Directed by


Produced by

© SJ & Maria GoJa


Follow the myth of Kali

Cast: Maria GoJa, Annika Hilibrandt

Music and Vocals: Maria GoJa

Written, Directed by


Produced by

© SJ & Maria GoJa